Wahidur Rahman


Mohammed Wahidur Rahman, FCA

Md. Wahidur Rahman, Chairman of Asia Equity Management Ltd.is an experienced professional having a good corporate connevtivity inthe field of Finance, Accounts & Banking functions. He has specialization in Audit and Assurance,Company Secretarial matters, Taxation and Advisory services. He has been in public accounting practice for over 15 years and is currently the partner of S.R. Islam & Co. a renowned Chartered Accounts of Bangladesh (ICAB) established in 1978. Prior to his present position, Mr. Rahman had been working as General Manager and Head of Finance & Accounts, Anwar Ispat Ltd, and Desh Group of Companies. Currently he is Financeial Advisor, S.S Steel Ltd,(A publicly listed companey) and Financeial Consultant since long Energypac Electronics Ltd.

Mr. Rahman has been vast experience in different sector in business area including Margers & Acquisition, Cement, Textile, Food Industry, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Financial Institute (Especially Bank Analysis, Fund Management) and information and startup.His professional involvement of Member of Board of Studies, ICAB (2022). Executive Secretary, South Asian Federation of Accountants bodies. He also director of different company.

Md. Helal Uddin Chowdhury

Managing Director

Md.Helal Uddin Chowdhury

Md. Helal Uddin Chowdhury, Managing Director of Asia Equity Management Ltd. He was Investment Banker of Brac Bank Ltd. and Premier Bank Ltd., over the twelve years as Management Position. Finally, He worked five years under Rangs Group and Sea Resources Group as Head of Investment and Strategy. In addition He also worked Head of Audit and Finance. He worked Board of Directors and Operational Management followed of Sea Resources Group. He was also Managing Director of R J Horizan Ltd (A sister concern of RANGS Group).

He is Professional Experties of Capital Market since long and Tax Management. He is very special about Acquisition, Capital Structure, Securities Market Investment, Equity Management,Revenue Sourcing, Product Development, Chanel Distribution and Operational Management of Business Area. He is a member of Professional Association and Club Membership of Bangladesh.